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To Every Man or Woman Who Calls Himself an American:

I need not remind you of the tragedy we are now facing. I hope you all join me in prayers that go out to the families and loved-ones who survive those men and women who have lost their lives due to the recent acts of terror.
As Americans, we are, each one of us, called to stand courageous against these senseless acts of cowardness. I implore each of you to leave behind those things which we have allowed to separate us: race, color, nationality, religion -- for they are the very strands of freedom that have woven the ropes that tie together this Great Nation. For this reason we have stood proud and held our heads high throughout history. We are no different now.

We are Americans. We must refuse to secome to living in fear. We must stand proud and lend a helping hand in honor of our fallen brothers and sisters. We must place our trust in our government and its agencies as they strive to deal with this horrible situation, and we must vow to rebuild this current devastation.

"Old Glory" has flown high through times of peace as well as the perils of war as a standing symbol of the unbreakable bonds of unity and brotherhood that make us such a great people. It is my hope that this banner will billow from every lampost and rooftop across this land as a constant reminder of the American Spirit that will not die. May we stand strong as one people brought together by the faith of our forefathers. We are Americans! We will not fall! God bless America, now and forever.

A Patriot,

Please send this message to five other people as a way to bring us all closer together in these trying times. Please do not break this circle. We are all in this together. Show America how much you care. God Bless, and be safe.